Fibertel has been offering high-speed cable modem Internet access through its networks since September 1997. It provides a wide range of products that meet different needs: 25Mb, 50Mb and 100 Mb.

Fibertel provides Internet access in more than 1,000 Fibertel Zone hotspots distributed throughout the City of Buenos Aires and within the country. Fibertel Zone is the first free Wi-Fi network in Argentina that allows customers and non-customers to connect to a Wi-Fi network free of any charge in bars, restaurants, gyms, parks, movie theaters, and soccer stadiums from their devices.

Fibertel operates in the AMBA region (City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires), the cities of La Plata, Córdoba, Rosario, Campana, Río Cuarto, Posadas, Salta, Olavarría, Pergamino, Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca, Santa Fe and other cities within the country.

Corporate Service

FiberCorp was established in 2010 and is the Corporate Business Unit of Fibertel that provides telecommunications solutions to large, medium and small companies, as well as to businesses, professionals and public agencies. Through its multi-service network that is grounded upon its own optical fiber, and its two Datacenters, it offers Connectivity, Cloud computing, Video and Datacenter solutions, which stand out for their flexibility and adaptability.

As regards Connectivity solutions, FiberCorp offers Data and Internet services, including dedicated links that run through fiber optics. Its Cloud computing service includes functions such as IP Video Surveillance, a Cloud Office collaboration platform for managing office tools, e-mail accounts, file repository and video calls.


Cablevisión is the leading cable TV services company in Argentina. Cablevisión operates in 12 provinces and in more than 90 locations in Argentina and Uruguay, and has more than 3.5 million cable TV subscribers.

Cable TV

The service provided by Cablevisión includes a wide range of TV contents thanks to a large number of channels that are available through different services: Basic, Digital, HD and Max HD, and the products On Demand, Cablevisión Play and Cablevisión Flow.

The basic cable TV service offers channels with various TV genres that cater to all audiences and allows for the possibility of purchasing Premium packages that grant access to exclusive contents such as films, sports, and adult programming.

Cablevisión Digital grants its subscribers access to more than 115 channels with digital quality and audio, an interactive on-screen Guide that allows subscribers to navigate and view TV listings, audio channels and radio programs, access to Premium channels, alternative audio and subtitles, and a parental control system that blocks contents not suitable for children.

Cablevisión HD provides all the benefits of the digital TV service plus 42 High-Definition channels that stand out for their impeccable resolution and Dolby Digital sound. MAX HD subscribers can record up to 150 hours of TV shows, pause, fast-forward and/or rewind them, enjoy instant scene replays and scenes in slow-motion, schedule recordings of TV shows automatically, and manage the recorded content.

Both the HD service and the Max HD service also have the On Demand function: Cablevisión's interactive TV service allows subscribers to choose on-demand films, music, series, TV shows for kids and other TV programs at any time. Cablevisión On Demand offers more than 5,000 titles to select from.

In 2017, Cablevisión introduced a new modality of signal distribution through a new on-line content service: Cablevisión Flow. This content distribution platform is based on IP infrastructure and QAM Digital TV. It allows for linear streaming, Start Over, Reverse EPG, Cloud DVR and access to VOD contents, among other options. These functions are supported from a new user interface specifically designed for Flow, with advanced search and recommendation systems available on any type of device. Subscribers can watch TV on a smartphone or tablet, or on any device the client chooses.


Personal provides mobile services in Argentina and in Paraguay.

The service offerings under the brand Personal include voice communications, high-speed mobile Internet content and applications download, MMS, SMS, online streaming, corporate e-mail and social network access, among others; and sale of mobile communication devices (handsets, Modems mifi and wingles, smart watches). The services are supported in the different technologies of the mobile network (2G/3G/4G). Personal also provide mobile services in Paraguay. Personal has approximately 19.0 million mobile subscribers in Argentina.