CVH is the first Argentine holding company that engages in the development of infrastructure and the provision of convergent telecommunications services, focusing on the country and the region. CVH (Cablevisión Holding S.A.) was funded as corporate spinoff from GrupoClarín S.A. Today it owns 60% equity interest in Cablevisión, including its subsidiaries Fibertel and Nextel.

CVH focuses on investments in the telecommunications sector through the distribution of video, voice and data. It does so within the framework of the global process of technological convergence, which is aimed towards the provision of integrated ICT services.

Cablevisión Holding S.A. identifies as strategic priorities the investment in technology, the development of converged networks and the provision of competitive and high-quality integrated services that allow an even more universal access and the development of a knowledge society for all.

The company has a strategic, financial and operational aim that has to do with the provision of convergent services achieving, in turn, the necessary specificity and flexibility to comply with the financing structures required by industries with a strong demand for capital and similar levels of investment. Similarly, it has highly specialized management personnel who are trained to achieve standards of excellence in a dynamic and booming market.

The companies, products and brands that depend on Cablevisión Holding are already big names in the telecommunications and content distribution industries. They specialize in the provision of cable TV, broadband and mobile communications services.

Cablevisión Holding is a company whose majority equity comes from Argentine investors. This company directly competes against major contenders, both local and international, and provides high-quality services in every area in which it operates.