CVH calls Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting

3:00 pm Buenos Aires Time

The Company hereby calls an Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, to be held on 31 August 2021 at 15.00 hours, on first call, at Calle Piedras 1743 (not the Company’s headquarters) in the City of Buenos Aires, to consider the following agenda: 1) Appointment of two shareholders to sign the meeting minutes, and 2) Full or partial reversal of the Voluntary Reserve for Illiquid Results. Distribution of dividends in cash or in kind or in any combination of both alternatives. Delegation of powers on the Board of Directors. The Company reminds the holders of Class B book-entry shares registered with Caja de Valores S.A. that in order to participate in the Shareholders’ Meeting they are required to submit proof of their respective accounts and evidence of their identity and capacity, as applicable, no later than three business days prior to the date set for the Shareholders’ Meeting between 11.00 and 17.00hs at Calle Tacuarí 1846, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. That term expires on 25 August 2021 at 17.00hs. If as of the date set for the Shareholders’ Meeting, the restrictions to the free circulation of people in general as preventive and/or mandatory and/or sectorised measures resulting from the sanitary state of emergency provided under Emergency Decree No. 297/2020 and related regulations issued by the National Executive Branch remain in place: 1) the Shareholders’ Meeting will be held remotely using the Microsoft Teams system, which will: (i) guarantee the free access of all shareholders, with the right to speak and vote at the meeting; (ii) allow the simultaneous transmission of sound, images and words throughout the meeting and (iii) allow the meeting to be recorded in digital support. 2) The Company will deliver to the shareholders who notify their assistance to the following address:, the link and guidelines to access the system, as well as instructions about the development of the Shareholders’ Meeting. 3) The Shareholders shall deliver the certificates issued by Caja de Valores and inform the following details of the owner of the shares: name and last name or full name of the entity; type and number of the shareholder’s personal ID or corporate registration information, with express identification of the corresponding registry and jurisdiction; address, indicating the type of address. In addition, shareholders shall provide the same information with respect to the representative of the owner of the shares who will attend the Shareholders’ Meeting, as well as the underlying documents that prove such representation in pdf format. 4) Shareholders that participate in the Shareholders’ Meeting through attorneys-in-fact shall deliver to the Company, five (5) business days in advance of the Shareholders’ Meeting, the instrument that evidences such capacity, duly authenticated. 5) At the time of voting, each shareholder will be asked to state their vote, which shall be issued through the sound, image and word simultaneous transmission system. 6) Prior to considering the Agenda of the Shareholders’ Meeting, the shareholders shall resolve whether or not the meeting will be held remotely, with the majorities required for an amendment of the bylaws. 7) The members of the Supervisory Commission who participate in the Shareholders’ Meeting will verify compliance with applicable law. The Company will keep all shareholders informed of any changes in connection with the Shareholders’ Meeting, should circumstances require any such changes.