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05-08-2019 Court extends injuction - Mandatory Tender Offer
04-16-2019 CVH enter into Voting Trust
04-15-2019 CVH Reponds Shareholders Information Request
04-05-2019 Annual Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting - Board of Director Proposal
03-20-2019 Calls Annual Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting


11-28-2018 Granting of Injunction regarding the Mandatory Tender Offer for Telecom Argentina S.A.’s Class B Shares
06-29-2018 Secretary of Commerce Approves Merger
06-21-2018 CVH Announces Tender Offer
04-12-2018 Cablevisión Holding Responds Shareholder Information Request
03-27-2018 CVH Makes 3rd Prepayment on Loan
03-22-2018 Notice Annual Shareholders Meeting
02-21-2018 Admission to trading on the London Stock Exchange
02-21-2018 CVH Makes 2nd Prepayment on Loan
02-20-2018 London listing
02-16-2018 Publication of Prospectus LSE
01-11-2018 CVH Makes Prepayment on Loan
01-01-2018 Pledged Shares
01-01-2018 Merger between TEO and CVSA Becomes Effective


12-29-2017 Status of UK Listing Process
12-29-2017 VLG re organization
12-27-2017 CVH Exercises Call Option
12-26-2017 Member of the Supervisory Committee Resigns
12-22-2017 Cablevisión and Telecom Argentina Merger
11-14-2017 Board Members
11-03-2017 3Q17 Conference Invite
09-27-2017 Company Pledges Shares of subsidiary Cablevisión S.A.
09-26-2017 Conversion of Class C Shares
09-25-2017 CVH Loan
08-22-2017 Split-up Share Distribution Date
08-10-2017 Prospect -CVH
07-07-2017 Press Release
06-30-2017 Press Release